Foundational studies

Beta vulgaris

SugarTexts,in its first phase (ST1), was conceived and initiated by Viktor Smith and Lita Lundquist in 2004. A preliminary, inaugurating study was published by Smith in 2003, and followed up in 2005 and 2007.

ST1 has generated several studies, especially MA-theses:

MA Theses concerning:

Danish: 7 MA Theses including Danish

English: 1 MA Thesis including English

French: 2 MA Theses focusing on French

German: 2 MA Theses focusing on German

Italian: 1 MA Thesis focusing on Italian

Russian: 1 MA Thesis focusing on Russian

Spanish: 1MA Thesis focusing on Spanish

One MA Thesis has also generated a web page on sugar edutainmant:

ST1 has generated several scientific papers:

Papers in scientific journals and collected volumes

SugarTexts v1 April 2009 @ Copenhagen Business School, LaCoMe