Theoretical issues

Saccharose/sucrose molecule (C12H22O11)

SugarTexts, in its second phase (ST2, 2010?-?), has both theoretical, empirical, and applied linguistic dimensions.

The theoretical issues concern the linguistic theories and hypotheses that ST is intended to deal with:

Theories on the linguistic conceptualization of space and motion, of experience, of possession, and of quality, as developed by Viktor SmithPer Durst Andersen and Ole Nedergaard Thomsen: Relocation concerning change of Location, Transformation concerning change of Being, Repossession concerning change of Ownership

The theories developed within ST and LaCoMe: especially Ole Nedergaard Thomsen's Functional Pragmatics (the linguistic component of Søren Brier's Cybersemiotics) and Per Durst-Andersen's cognitive semiotic-linguistic Supertypology

Theories and hypotheses developed outside ST and LaCoMe: Kees Hengeveld and J. Lachlan Mackenzie's Functional Discourse Grammar, Dan I. Slobin's Thinking for speaking, Leonard Talmy's Cognitive Semantics, Irene Baron & Michael Herslund's Endo-/ Exo-centricity Hypothesis

SugarTexts v1 April 2009 @ Copenhagen Business School, LaCoMe