Sugar cubes


SugarTexts, in its second phase (ST2, 2010?-?), has both theoretical, empirical, and applied linguistic dimensions.


The applied issues concern i.a.:


  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): e.g., text generation (LSP)


  • Translation (LSP)


  • Terminology


  • Ontologies


  • Differences between LSP and LGP


  • Differences within LSP: e.g., the commercial texts of the factories vs. the non-commercial texts of e.g. encyclopedias


  • Narratology (the SugarText as a written narrative)


  • The Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis (Sapir-Whorf); Thinking for Speaking (Slobin)


  • Edutainment (some factories also offer edutainment on their web pages)




SugarTexts v1 April 2009 @ Copenhagen Business School, LaCoMe